Water Colors - Underwater Fashion

  • 26 Jul 2017
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • 48 Niven Road
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A behind the scenes look at the production of Underwater Fashion Photography.

There are many genres to Aaron Wong’s photographic work. From commercial advertising and fashion, to the unique underwater realm, few in the world have managed to master such a broad spectrum of work.

As a commercial photographer for over a decade, Aaron has shot for countless fashion magazines, celebrities and Ad campaigns. Based in Singapore, he has shot all over the world and worked with Levis, Elle, and international celebrities like Gong Li and Mandy Moore.

Besides his commercial work, Aaron’s other great passion is the world beneath the waves. He took the plunge into the world of underwater photography in 2002 and have since gathered several international awards to his name, including Our World Underwater, Through the Lens, and BBC Wildlife Photographer. Today Aaron is one of the most published and recognized underwater photographer in Asia Pacific with solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Seychelles. His images have set a whole new standard for the industry.

Aaron is the field editor of Scuba Diver Australasia, the largest dive publication in Asia Pacific and a sponsored photographer of SEACAM, the most prestigious underwater camera housing in the world. Aaron is also fully sponsored by SCUBAPRO, UWATEC and FOURTH ELEMENT, an honor reserved for the best in the industry.

In 2006, Aaron started the WATER.COLORS projects where he merged his two greatest passions by bringing fashion photography underwater. Since than, WATER.COLORS images have won awards, fronted Ad campaigns, and featured in fashion magazines. Aaron has also been hand picked by Sony to produce a series of WATER.COLORS images for Sony’s latest DSLRs.

In 2011, Aaron published his first book titled ‘WATER.COLORS’ featuring some of the most stunning underwater images the world has ever seen. In 2012, Aaron published his 2nd book, ‘THE BLUE WITHIN’. Fforeworded by David Doubilet, this book showcases the best of his award winning underwater images from a decade of underwater exploration.

Through his images, Aaron helps spread the message of marine conservation. Most notably is his work with sharks where he campaigns actively for the projection of these beautiful animals. As the ambassador of Shark Savers, Aaron started the ‘FINished with Fins’ campaign, a global initiative that aims to educate the mainstream media on the reality of shark finning.