The BIG Push!

  • 26 Apr 2018
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • 48 Niven Road Singapore 228398
  • 40


  • A mantra Geoff goes by since his childhood working for his Father as a teenager and all through his career... the saying “Buay Kan Buay Tua Han” a dialect literally translated to “No F@%k No Grow”

    Somethings you just need not just a push but a hard shock to the system.

    Been trying to make your photography better? Not going places? Techniques not levelling up? Too comfortable? Uncomfortable?

    Well, it’s simple if you are surrounded by loved ones who always tell you how good you are... the point is you are never good enough... there are some many really hardworking Photographers out there pushing hard... what your excuse?

    Geoff has been a hard as nails mentor to many Photographers whom have benefited from Geoff special brand of whoop ass... one that pushed them to be better than good!

    Come join in this unique session with Geoff and let him F@%k you... wake you up and hopefully get you off ya ass, ya high horse or maybe you just need a good ass whopping!

    Bring along 5 images on a thumb drive, on ya laptop or tablet.

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