The Art of Making Pictures.

  • 18 May 2018
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • 48 Niven Road Singapore 228396
  • 40


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Join one of Asia's top commercial shooters Edward Loh as he shares his image making process and what he feels is the "new" way of making pictures and where commercial photography is heading to.

About Edward Loh

Edward Loh is an award winning photographer and photo digital imaging artist, for which he coined himself a title for this profession – Photocrafter. 

Starting off in the early 90’s, Edward founded Phenomenon Digital Art Singapore, which specialized in the post-production aspect of motion pictures. His background in high-end 3D animation systems (Softimage, Prism, Wavefront) led him to be the first Asian to be trained on the Flame editing system (which is based on an SGI platform).

After a while, he felt a lack of job satisfaction in post-production work and needed more control in creating visual art, thus the move into print production. Shortly about 3 years into the job, Edward began getting requests from clients not only to retouch the photographs but to initiate them as well.

This set him wondering: wouldn’t the final result be of a higher quality if the photographer and the retoucher were the same person, controlling and working on the image from the beginning till the end. Feeling the challenge, Edward began honing his photographic skills and creating images for himself.

Edward’s move into photography met with instant success, winning accreditation from various international awards. With that, Edward led one of the region’s top retouching outfits to also become one of the country’s leading photographic studios.

The distinction between retoucher and photographer has all but disappeared. Yet, there is no doubt that a photocrafter’s work is very demanding, to say the least; as the control from start to finish of any individual job can be extremely stressful. However, at the end of the day it is worth the angst and frustrations as the client gets a better product and the Photocrafter can claim the image wholly theirs.

The norm had always been for the photographer to learn how to retouch, thus reversing the order was revolutionary. Of which, the biggest obstacle when a retoucher evolves into a photocrafter is personality.

Edward’s background in TV post-production has made him versatile with both print and motion pictures, thus opening up various opportunities for him to become a movie director. However, with these acclamations, Edward does not take it for granted and continues to further explore his passion of creating brilliant works in both print and motion.