Frequently Asked Questions

LEARN Membership

Q: I missed a seminar/talk/workshop, will it be conducted again?
A: Email us to put in a request for it, if there is enough interest, we will surely do it again for you.

Q: Can i join the LEARN membership without a PayPal account?
A: Drop us an email at and we are happy to sort you out.

Q: Can i upgrade my PLAY membership to a LEARN membership half way thru the month?
A: Yes for sure, just get in touch with us at and we will get you going.

Q: Do you serve drinks at the seminar?
A: We have a hot & cold water dispenser available to members for free, and coffee, tea & packet or canned drinks are at $1 each.

Q: There are topics i want to learn which are not in your schedule?
A: Do tell us, we aim to keep an open community and have open communication with our members.

Q: Can i cancel my auto renewal membership subscription anytime?
A: Yes of course, just log into your account and cancel it! 

WORK Membership

Q: Can i have a permanent desk?
A: At Raw. we are all about keeping things casual and communal.

Q: Can i have another colleague share the WORK membership?
A: We are afraid not, but do talk to us and let's see if we can work something out for you.

Q: How do i gain access into Raw.
A: Top secret mission impossible coded access cards will be given to WORK members.

Q: Where can i store my things?
A: We have secured lockers with 24hours security cameras for each WORK member.

Q: Can rent the studio or equipments with the PLAY day pass?
A: We are afraid not, just top up another S$20 and join us a LEARN member and you are good to go!

Q: What are your equipment & studio rental rates?
A: Drop us a line for our pricing.